Filled with energy, intensity and vibrancy, Caroline’s works are inspired by movement and ancestry. She works the textures and transparencies in synergy complete with the emotion. The rendering is both contemporary and inspiring. In addition, the artist specializes in custom creations to create the work in ultimate chemistry with its owner and decor. For Caroline, the art is first and foremost an emotion, a feeling, a healing power.

Caroline Bouchard is an artist at heart since the age when she knew how to hold a pencil. After studying arts, however, she left the artistic scene for several years and explores other avenues, but returns in strength to her deep passion. It is during a solo trip to Thailand that she decides to take her dream in her own hands, to fully assume her role as an artist. She then starts her first company: Creo. Although she works with materials such as lightweight concrete and epoxy, she multiplies the paintings and incorporates these new mediums. She explores many facets of her creativity and develops her style through both the concrete and the abstract.

Today, it is with a style assumed and full of energy that she works several mediums including acrylic and colored epoxy. Although it is among other things through her travels around the world that she draws inspiration and fires her artistic flame, it is in her workshop in the Laurentians that she transposes her creativity on canvas. She plays with fluidity, superimposes the textures, the deep and frank colors from which overwhelms freedom, strength and connection to life. Her works are unique, vibrant, inimitable.  A painting by Caroline is a plunge into a moving universe that illuminates the viewer and the space without contradiction.

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