Raised on the south shore of Quebec City, I always had a particular attraction for arts and design. She studies in art in order to satisfy her thirst for artistic creation, then she study to acquiring notions of 3D modeling and graphics and to be an architect.

She design building and spaces like no one. She know the building and spaces design so well that she can just focus on the energy of the city and landscapes she’s create. Her main objective is to intuitively combine figuration and abstract, in a simple and accessible approach. Thus, things are what they are, without pretending to be other than the capture of a moment, a time or a movement, recognizable by the observer, but where we can feel a characteristic artistic interpretation to her style and her energy. Therefore, cities and animals are her main subjects, but this concept can lend itself to different possible and future subjects.

​She’s represented in Quebec but she also capt the eye of USA art collectors from California to Miami. 

International shows: 

Miami Art Basel week 2017 

Art San Diego 2017


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