Zabel is a major young, emerging talent from Quebec, who has a unique, easily identifiable style that has been called ‘fun’, ‘urban chic’ and ‘upbeat’ among other things. Between pop art and abstraction, Zabel create a new romantic style. As an artist, Zabel’s first goal is to share strong emotions through the characters and textures she depicts on the canvas. The feelings of the present moment guide her in every part of the creation. Each canvas is a page from Zabel’s book, a story which is still only beginning.

She creates warm universes to seduce anybody looking on. The vibration coming out of her artworks is palpable. In every piece, the artist provokes, with the movement of her spatulas, the textures and the ambiences, the feelings of romanticism and affection.

Zabel’s only tools are her spatulas. These tools allow her to give a soul and emotions to every artwork, while also capturing the present moment.

Be enchanted by the romantic universe of international renown painter Zabel.  Her paintings and her characters will seduce and take you in a unique atmosphere.

For several years, the works of Zabel seduced Quebecers from across the province, earning her several awards. Zabel’s paintings are now a success on the international scene and are actively represented in Europe and in the US.

Project yourself in her romantic universe between figurative and abstraction and let you fall in love.

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Music in New York City60x60_web 1
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