For four years now, the painter Laurie Marois has been able to stand out quickly in the artistic world through her animal pictorial research. Collectors from all around the world had fallen in love with her works.

She uses the attitude, dynamism and individual look of each animal as a filter of her moods. Sequenced by series, we notice that the style of the artist is greatly influenced by her environment. Her subjects are always closely framed, monochrome and then created so that the eyes are the key element of the work.

The colors will be added very spontaneously and the gestures of the artists are anything but calculated. Some favorite techniques will form the basis of each of her creations, but the state of mind of the moment will influence the result of her gestures, chosen colors and integrated elements. Her works are a direct reflection of her emotions and how she experiences recent adaptations. This new series carries us elsewhere, halfway between animal and landscape, a double exposure that suggests a passage, a transition, a renewal.

Laurie Marois Au delà de la tempête 40xx60